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Gain new skills and deepen your knowledge in a specialized area to set yourself apart from the rest and advance your career.

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Special Programmes

For Leaders with the desire to learn emerging skills, adapt to shifts and lead with intent

Seeking that next promotion or contemplating a strategic career pivot? Dive into African Leadership University Special Programmes tailored for mid- to senior-level professionals with a vision for Africa’s leadership future.  In addition to our graduate and undergraduate programmes, African Leadership University offers special non-credit programmes in partnership with non-academic third-party experts to forge ahead with our mission to develop ethical, entrepreneurial leaders who will lead the transformation of the African continent.

Unlock doors to diverse industries, enhance your earning potential and magnify your influence. Our specialized programmes are efficient pathways to expertise, designed with your busy schedule in mind. Secure pivotal knowledge in less time than conventional degrees, granting you the luxury of learning when life allows you that focus.
Be part of shaping the next chapter of African leadership.

Benefits of ALU
Special Programmes

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The ALU x British Council SoCreative Program is designed to train you in starting or growing your creative entrepreneurial venture and form a network that propels you towards success. 

The English Immersion Programme at ALU is more than just a language course. It’s your passport to unlocking the full communication experience, ensuring language is never a barrier, but a bridge to your educational and professional aspirations.

The African Leadership College (ALC) Leadership Core Bootcamp offers a unique opportunity for high school students and high school graduates like yourself to delve into the essential skills required for university and beyond.

Ready to take a quantum leap in the world of digital artistry? Dive into the universe of Augmented Reality (AR) with the Meta Spark Program — an exceptional initiative backed by the African Leadership University (ALU), The Room, and Meta.

FAQs on
ALU Special Programmes

Frequently Asked Questions

The ALU Special Programmes are short-term training programmes intended to allow working professionals to continue their education without the long-term commitment required to pursue an advanced degree at a higher learning institution. The content covered in these programmes has been carefully crafted to address a specific gap in your knowledge and explore your curiosity in a specific field in the shortest possible time.

Specific admission qualifications vary depending on the programmes of interest. However, most programmes give you the option of providing educational qualifications OR relevant professional experience for purposes of being considered for admission. 

The application helps ALU determine if you have sufficient prerequisite knowledge to benefit from taking the programme and also guarantee success in the programme.

Admission is evaluated on a programme-by-programmes basis and is dependent on fully meeting the programme requirements.

Most of our special programmes are located in our Kigali, Rwanda campus — although some are offered in a remote or a hybrid mode. Rwanda has no visa requirements for most African countries and in the instance where they are existent, there is always an option of getting your visa upon arrival. Please consult Rwanda’s immigration website to confirm the visa status for your respective country. Some of the programmes will be remote or hybrid, please do look out for each programme’s location to confirm.